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Work gets in the way sometimes.

I looked at the schedule for next week. I had been wanting to see if my transfer notice had effected how many days I have off or not. I saw that I only worked 4 days next week rather than 5. I was going to take the 3 days off and do some relaxing, but I noticed no one was on the schedule for one day next week and so I called up the boss and asked to pick it up.

I know Penny had done every single schedule in one night and probably didn't realize what she had done, and it appears that it was the case.

Also I think by calling her and asking to pick up was something she wanted me to do? I think she cut everyone down to 4 days because one of the girls who always calls off had called off this week and I think Penny wanted to see who would go out of their way to work.

Any way it goes, Robbie and I had talked about living with nothing while his parents are gone and throwing everything into savings. We've done it before, and threw 800 into the bank in a matter of weeks. With the move coming up I'm so worried about not having everything together that I can do without my ensure. My sanity is much more important right now. I'll just eat an extra meal and keep eating all day until I feel sick to make up for it.

My weight is stable, slightly, at least staying at 115 rather than dropping anymore, so I'm on the right track. I feel good about that.

Been doing a few writing excercises. I have a lovely anon on tumblr that asks for a story once a day with no topic in particular. Most of the time I've been rehashing dreams, but every so often I'll pump out something completely random. I love it. I can't begin to express my gratitude towards this person, they're lovely, and they're helping to keep me sharp and work me out of this writers block.