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Started drinking ensure to help with my weight, the calorie intake alone is good, but all of the nutrients along with it should help balance me out.

Lea is leaving us next Thursday rather than the 29th, I am sad, and apprehensive of the guy we're getting, somehow I see performance deteriorating.

And the girl who had been struggling to keep her job because of unfair decisions by the management is in the middle of termination. The one who is dating an IRL Van Dean...I should give her a call and make sure she's holding out okay.

Have been doing a lot of thinking, lately the littlest thing will send me into tears, Robbie's been there a lot for me, but most of the time I've been inconsolable. Trying my best to remember what made me strong, and when I think about it, it just makes me sad.

I'm tired of losing everything, just when I thought I had nothing left to lose.