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I need to just stop. I need to distance myself from things that make me feel conflicted and hurt. I don't even know why I feel hurt this time, but for some reason...

I know I can't just keep glossing over. I'm so tired of fighting this alone. I'm so tired of being told one thing and then...

Unrelated: Samm won't be moving in with us, not immediately at least. I'm not that worried about it, I'll still see her a lot. Her car is having trouble and she needs to be on a bus line for class.

Robbie keeps trying to ease my anxiety about everything, and things are better now that his parents are gone for a little, but my thoughts are still really heavy and I don't have anyone to talk to about them.

Everything seems to be backfiring, and I just keep paddling through it for very few reasons.

I wish I could at least be met halfway, I really do feel like I'm fighting this alone.