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Best in a long time.

Yesterday, and last night, and today.

I was finally able to talk to someone and it felt like old times, comfy-cozy, I love it. It made me genuinely happy.

Then work was a little hectic, it doesn't help that everyone I work with seems to rely on the union for everything. I don't like it when my points are proven, especially not when the point I'm making isn't something I'm happy to see.

I think I signed a waiver about my job tho...so I can't sit here and rant about how much I hate the unions.

ANY-who, I'm supposed to be doing a 12h+ livestream later? That's the only way I can get large amounts of footage of me working onto the computer for editing movies and sending to friends in C-bus.

So I'm really going to be just carrying around my laptop everywhere.

Also, new boots! Like my old ones, with lots of tread and low heel. They still need to be broken in tho.